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The modular Minnid system: a seamlessly integrated rear carrier, lightweight bicycle rack, and spacious cargo boxes.

Be independent and travel with everything you need

The e.hit integrated rear carrier rack can carry up to 120 kg and transports your luggage with unbeatable stability on TWO pivot arms – with no swinging, swaying, or tipping. The e.carry bicycle rack and the spacious, weatherproof luggage boxes are lightweight, but they can also carry serious loads. You can even combine them as required. And the best thing is, all the accessories fit any e.hit, whether it’s on your motorhome or (coming soon) car.


The integrated rear carrier rack

This integrated rear carrier rack was designed to handle serious loads. Up to 120 kg of your cargo is safely secured on two pivot arms. And you can still pull a trailer, because the e.hit for mobile homes is available with an additional detachable towbar.


The clever accessory base

The e.base lets you quickly mount the entire range of Minnid accessories – without clumsy plugs and cables. Just push the accessory base onto the rear bracket and lock it in place. The electronics connect automatically with your vehicle. The e.base also conserves resources because the rear lights are attached to it. This way, none of the accessories need to have lights.


The bike rack for up to four bicycles

The e.carry has universal wheel holders that accommodate any standard bicycle including road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes. The 35 kg maximum weight lets you transport two heavy bikes. Or, attach a second e.carry to the accessory base, and bring along up to four bicycles with a combined weight of 80 kg.

A supersized cargo box

With 320 litres of cargo volume, the is exceptionally spacious. It’s also waterproof and can handle up to 75 kg of cargo. No more room inside your vehicle? Any extra cargo you have will be safe in here.

Freedom on the road

Combine the accessories

To give you as much freedom as possible, our Minnid transport system uses interchangeable modules. You don’t have to decide whether you want to put the bicycles or the cargo box on the back – with our accessories, you can do both. The possibilities are endless. See for yourself!

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