A perfect pair


For anything you want to tow

Since you may sometimes want to pull a trailer, we’ve combined the e-hit with a removable towbar that lets you tow trailers that weigh up to 2000 kg. Now you can bring your motorcycle or boat with you. This is a very robust towbar that also offers outstanding resistance to corrosion.

Convenient operation

Once you have retracted the pivot arms of the integrated rear bracket, you just push the towball from beneath up into the connector sleeve until it snaps into place. A red/green indicator shows it is successfully locked. Removing it is just as simple. Once you’ve taken it off, the e.hit is completely invisible.

Technical details

towbar version

vertically detachable

towing capacity

up to 2000 kg

Carrying capacity

up to 150 kg

Suitable for

e.hit on motorhomes