e.hit and e.base

A global first — the integrated rear carrier rack


Designed for serious loads

Nothing in the world is quite like the e.hit. It’s an integrated rear bracket that’s designed to carry up to 120 kg — that’s 60 kg more than you can mount on an average towbar. The e.hit lets you transport considerably more cargo on the back of the vehicle. You also benefit from noticeably improved driving stability because the load is fixed on two pivot arms. There is no swaying, no tipping, no swinging. If you have something you need to tow, we also offer an optional removable towbar for the e.hit.

Complementing the e.hit is a full line of accessories including the robust e.carry bike rack and the spacious e.box cargo box. But this is only the beginning. Our developers are already working on the next smart products to give you complete independence on the road.

Very easy fitting

The e.hit is installed behind the rear bumper. When not in use, it’s out of sight — dual pivot arms to accept the e.base accessory base remain hidden inside until you press the button to drop and unfold them. The e.base also brings a number of heavy-hitting benefits.

e.base – conserves resources

More than just an accessory base


A base that offers clever features

The lightweight, lockable e.base lets you attach the entire Minnid range of accessories while offering a number of great features itself. When you slide the e.base onto your e.hit, it automatically connects with the vehicle’s electronics – there’s no fumbling around with annoying plugs and cables. The e.base includes the folding, retractable LED rear lights with sequential turn signals. This way, the Minnid bike rack and cargo boxes don’t need to have their own lights. This saves resources and saves you space in your garage. Since the rear lights extend, you can adjust them to match the width of your vehicle.

Easy to mount

The e.base is easy to mount. Hit the button to extend the arms of the e.hit and slide the accessory base onto them. Next, push the lever from right to left until the indicator goes from red to green, then attach your accessories.

Technical details

The e.hit integrated rear carrier rack and e.base accessory base

Carrying capacity e.hit

120 kg

Weight e.hit with towbar

56,5 kg

Towing capacity towbar

2000 kg

Weight e.base

9 kg

Dimensions e.base folded, in mm

145 x 535 x 730

Rear lights on the e.base

Compatible with

e.carry and e.box