A uniquely strong bike rack


The one bike rack for everyone

Weighing in at only 9.5 kg, the lightweight e.carry bike rack for the e.hit gives you maximum freedom. Two heavy e-bikes weighing up to 35 kg are no problem for the e.carry. You can also mount a second e.carry on the accessory base of the e.hit, allowing you to easily bring along three e-bikes or four normal bicycles that together weigh up to 80 kg. The universal wheel carriers accommodate everything from thin-wheeled road bikes to mountain bikes with knobby tires. But there’s more. The way the system behaves on the road is a revelation. There’s no swaying, no tipping, no swinging.
And for maximum flexibility, the e.carry can also be combined with an cargo box. Use two e.carry racks for four bikes, or one e.carry and an – it’s up to you!

Super-easy mounting

Mounting the e.carry to the e.hit is quick and easy. Just slide the e.carry onto the e.base accessory base, release both clamps and pull up the integrated bicycle attachment bar until it locks into place, and the system is secured. Then just close the two clamps again, and you’re done. To use a second e.carry, attach the extension kit to the e.base and then mount both bike racks using the normal procedure.

Technical details

Maximum number of bicycles per e.carry


Maximum number of bicycles using two e.carry units


Max load per e.carry

70 kg

Total load using two e.carry units

80 kg

Maximum weight per bicycle

35 kg

Dimensions folded in millimetres

155 x 600 x 680


9,5 kg

Suitable for frame diameters

22-80 mm

Removable frame holders


Quick mount wheel holders for all standard bikes


Rear lights

on the e.base

Plug-and-socket connector

not required

Bicycle can be locked to rack


Bicycle can be locked to rack



only with e.hit/e.base

Compatible with accessories