e.base XT

Limitless possibilities


More room for luggage

The e.base XT (for extended) gives you more choices for independent travelling. This extension kit lets you to mount an additional Minnid accessory to your e.hit for even more independence on your travels. You can use two e.carry bike racks to transport up to four bicycles or go for two cargo boxes instead. Or you have two bikes and some extra luggage? Mount one bike rack and a cargo box. Since the e.hit can carry a total of 120 kg, you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Super-easy mounting

Attaching the extension kit to the e.hit is quick and easy. Mount the e.base XT to the e.base, lock it, then attach the accessories you desire.

Technical details

max. number of accessories in combination with the e.base


Maximum carrying capacity

75 kg minus the weight of the Minnid accessory


9 kg


Only in combination with e.hit/e.base

Compatible with accessories