surprisingly spacious


Room for your independence

The is the matching cargo box for the e.hit. With a volume of 320 litres and 72 kg maximum carrying capacity, it dwarfs other rear-mount boxes. And it’s not just the size that’s outstanding. The stability the provides on the road also makes a very solid impression. No wonder, it’s firmly attached to the two strong pivot arms of the e.hit. Even in strong winds or storms, you’ll have no concerns about your luggage in the waterproof The is made of durable plastic and weatherproof canvas designed for convertible automobile roofs.

Very easy fitting

Mounting the is super-easy If you only need one cargo box, you just set it on the e.base accessory base and lock it in place. To use a second box or attach an additional e.carry bike rack, first mount the extension kit, place the first box on the accessory base as usual, and then place the additional accessory onto the arms of the extension set. Lock everything down and you’re ready to roll.

Technical details


320 l

Carrying capacity

72 kg


19 kg

Compatible with

only with e.hit/e.base

Compatible with accessories



white and anthracite