About us


Surrounded by 3000-meter mountains in Austria’s Ziller Valley, we live and work in a majestic Alpine landscape. Standing on the mountain peaks above the clouds and breathing the fresh air with the rest of the world below is priceless to us. It’s a feeling of being one with nature, a feeling of freedom. We know that mountains also have a dark side. Up here, you have to be able to depend on one another. On the mountaintop, nature can be a cruel master. Getting where you want to go can be hard work. But we’ve learned to be inventive by putting our heads together to come up with solutions. This lifestyle is the foundation of our vision.

Our vision

Giving active people the freedom to travel independently.

Our mission statement

Independence –
free to experience nature

Whether young or old, competitive athlete or person with a disability — our goal is to create gear that lets people travel on their own terms. So, go out, enjoy life, experience nature, the countryside, and other people to the fullest. We make sure you can take along whatever you need.

You and us — stronger together

The best products are made by assimilating ideas from all directions. From the people we develop our products for, from our partners, and from our own team. TOGETHER, we can make a great contribution to the art of travelling. One that makes sense for both people and nature.

Environmentally conscious – in tune with nature

We are lucky to live and work in an impressive mountain range. It makes us aware of how important and beautiful nature is. That’s why we take environmental awareness very seriously. We make conscious decisions about how we structure our products and processes with ecological and economical factors in mind. For us, the key is conserving resources. Our aim is to develop products that allow people to experience a connection with nature via ecological technologies.

Facts and figures

Minnid is a brand of GA Actuation Systems GmbH. Minnid products are new on the market, but we are in fact long-standing veterans of the automotive industry. BMW, Renault, Daimler, Opel, and Volkswagen all use our hand brake and control cable solutions. Towbars are nothing new to us, either. Inspired by the mountain lifestyle and the freedom you feel on higher ground, we want to achieve even more. We are blazing a new path and have big plans for Minnid. Watch this space!